JK Rowling book burning parties don’t actually exist – Twitter and TikTok debate explained!

Ella Kipling

JK Rowling has come under fire online over the past few years following her comments and views on the trans community.

The Harry Potter author has made headlines yet again after announcing that her new novel, Troubled Blood, will feature a cross-dressing villain.

Now, a new debate is brewing on Twitter regarding the burning of her books following a Jedward tweet that went viral.

Jedward spark JK Rowling book burning debate

On September 15th, Irish Pop Duo Jedward posted a tweet about JK Rowling’s new book. They wrote:

“Does anyone need firewood this winter! JK’s new book is perfect to burn next to a Romantic fire. Aww get all cozy and comfy can’t wait.”

The tweet came following the news that JK Rowling will be publishing a new book, Troubled Blood, featuring a cross-dressing villain.

Piers Morgan replied to Jedward’s tweet, writing: “If we’re going to start burning things – which we shouldn’t – I’d rather start with your entire musical back catalogue. fyi.”

Jedward then responded to Piers, calling his life a “joke”. They said:

“It’s a joke Piers, you know like your life. lol. Supporting a book about a serial killer man who dresses as a woman to kill his victims that’s being released when trans people are actually being targeted and killed isn’t a good look, even for you.”

Following the Jedward tweets, many Twitter users took to the app to share their views on the matter. One user wrote:

“So we’ve now reached the point where JK Rowling’s critics are advocating burning her books. Book burning. Remind me where that ends up.”

Many began responding to a Newsweek article which referred to burning JK Rowling’s books on TikTok as a “trend,” despite the only TikTok mentioned in the article being on private mode.

If you search “JK Rowling book burning” on TikTok, you will find one video of a book being burnt, and the video has only 49 likes as of September 18th.

While book burning may be a hot topic on Twitter, it appears very few people are actually participating in it, and even Jedward themselves referred to their tweet as a “joke.”

JK Rowling under fire for “transphobic” comments

The Harry Potter writer has come under fire in recent years due to her views on the trans community and even resulted in Daniel Radcliffe, among other Harry Potter cast members, speaking up on the matter.

Daniel released a statement via the Trevor Project to speak against JK Rowling and her comments on trans women:

“To all the people who now feel that their experience of the books has been tarnished or diminished. I am deeply sorry for the pain these comments have caused you. I really hope that you don’t entirely lose what was valuable in these stories to you…. And in my opinion, nobody can touch that. It means to you what it means to you and I hope that these comments will not taint that too much.”

Emma Watson, who rose to fame playing Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films also spoke up, saying:

“Trans people are who they say they are and deserve to live their lives without being constantly questioned or told they aren’t who they say they are. I want my trans followers to know that I and so many other people around the world see you, respect you, and love you for who you are.”

However, others have been in support of JK such as Robbie Coltrane, who played Hagrid in the Harry Potter films. He told the Radio Times:

“I don’t think what she said was offensive really. I don’t know why but there’s a whole Twitter generation of people who hang around waiting to be offended. They wouldn’t have won the war, would they? That’s me talking like a grumpy old man, but you just think, ‘Oh, get over yourself. Wise up, stand up straight and carry on.’”

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