Is your iOS clock widget displaying the wrong time? Here’s how to get it fixed and make sure you’re on time all of the time!

How do you feel when your phone runs out of battery? Or, better yet, when was the last time your phone even ran out of battery?

These days, not having access to your smartphone feels like losing an arm or a leg. An odd thought, but it’s simply the way it is for many of us.

After all, they keep us connected, entertained, and they also help us turn up on time, taking over the duties of the good old fashioned wristwatch.

However, even when they’re switched on you may encounter some issues.

Sometimes apps aren’t exactly running smoothly and there are an abundance of inconveniences you can encounter while swiping and scrolling.

One of the absolute essentials you always need though is the time. Without that, we’d all be pretty lost – well, either that or frantically darting our eyes around the room for a clock!

iOS clock widget wrong time

A number of people have described having issues with their devices displaying the wrong time.

Rather than simply accepting it, you’ll want to get it fixed straight away!

Allow us to offer a hand…

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iOS clock widget wrong time: Here’s how to fix it!

Here are the four steps to take in i0S:

  • Open ‘Settings’ app and go to the ‘Privacy’ section
  • Choose ‘Location Services’ and ensure they’re enabled. Without location services, the clock won’t automatically adjust to the right time zone if the location changes
  • In ‘Location Services’ choose ‘System Services’
  • Locate ‘Setting Time Zone’ and swipe to the ‘ON’ position

There you have it!

These four steps are highlighted by OSXDaily and they also include four steps to follow for iPhones and iPads generally:

  • Open ‘Settings’ and go to ‘General’, then go straight to ‘Date & Time’
  • Swipe the switch for ‘Set Automatically’ to the ‘ON’ position. If it is on ON already then swipe to ‘OFF’ for roughly 15- seconds, then swipe back to ‘ON’.
  • Ensure that the ‘Time Zone’ is right for your location/region
  • Simply head out of ‘Settings’

That should have it all fixed!

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