Travis Scott has brought out his own burger meal with McDonald’s, and social media users think Donald Trump wouldn’t be a fan.

The announcement that Travis Scott’s has collaborated with McDonald’s and released his own meal is no-doubt the most bizarre news of September so far, but we’re definitely not mad at it.

The ‘Sicko Mode’ rapper has taken social media by storm as the burger now has its own TikTok trend, memes, and pretty much everybody is talking about it on Twitter.

Social media users even made up a joke that Donald Trump doesn’t like the burger. Strange right? To public knowledge, the President hasn’t actually tried the fast-food meal. But people really want to know what he’d think of it!

Photo by Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for McDonald’s

Travis Scott brought out his own McDonald’s meal

If you didn’t know already, Rapper Travis Scott is a pretty big fan of McDonald’s, and he’s collaborated with the fast-food chain to bring out his own burger meal, inspired by his go-to order.

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The $6 meal launched on September 8th, and consists of a quarter-pounder with cheese, bacon and lettuce, medium fries with BBQ sauce and a Sprite.

It’s called Cactus Jack, named after his record label, and he’s also released a line of McDonald’s themed merch to go alongside it. Ever wanted a chicken nugget pillow? Well, now you can get one!

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Twitter joke says Donald Trump thinks the burger is sh*t

After the burger meal was released, Twitter users started making up a strange joke that Donald Trump had tried the meal, and that he thought it was sh*t.

The rumour claims that Donald Trump tweeted his opinion of the burger on his @realDonaldTrump Twitter account. However, this definitely isn’t true. Why did the rumour begin? Your guess is as good as mine. The internet is a strange place.

Has Donald Trump actually tried Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack meal? Probably not. Or if he has, there’s no evidence online to prove it. But internet users certainly think he’d say it’s sh*t if he did try it!

Fans demand to know if Trump has tried the burger

After the rumour spread, many fans of Travis Scott demand to know if the US President has tried the burger yet.

One Twitter user said: “I wonder how many Travis Scott burgers @realDonaldTrump has shoved down his obese throat.”

“Do y’all think Donald Trump has had the Travis Scott burger yet,” said another.

Only time will tell whether Trump will try the famous burger. But rumours say it’ll only be on sale until October 4th so he better be quick!

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