It’s been over four years since Assassination Classroom season 2 concluded and fans are starting to lose hope that season 3 may never happen.

Anime fans are used to waiting a long time between seasons of their favourite shows, but it’s been over four years since Assassination Classroom last released a new episode.

Whilst the recent premiere of the 2015-16 anime in English on Toonami has revamped interest in the series, fans are losing hope that a third season may never be produced.

Will there be a season 3 of Assassination Classroom?

  • At the time of writing, Assassination Classroom has not been officially renewed for a third season by Studio Lerche.

Unfortunately, despite remaining extremely popular with fans, it’s becoming more unlikely that the anime will return for a third season. There are two main reasons for this; source material and production time.

Whilst the Assassination Classroom manga was very successful, it ceased serialization back in 2016. Since then, we haven’t heard any information that the series would be picked up once again, which would we need to happen if a third season of the anime was to be produced.

Then we have production. Studio Lerche has only gone from strength-to-strength in the years since Assassination Classroom, producing far more popular/lucrative series including the highly-anticipated Idoly Pride that premieres in January 2021.

A more likely avenue for future Assassination Classroom content would probably be in the form of another season of Koro Sensei Quest. However, similar to the original anime, this spin-off title hasn’t been officially renewed by Lerche for a second season.

Assassination Classroom season 3 release date…

The problem with predicting a release window for a third season of Assassination Classroom is the lack of source material.

The manga series finished several years ago, meaning that if the studio wanted to continue directly adapting the series, Lerche would have to wait until the second season of the manga was published – which is itself unlikely.

They could make the third season of the anime an original story, but again this is unlikely considering the other projects that the studio is working on. Creating a new season without source material is difficult and requires an immense amount of resources, so the question becomes ‘how much does Lerche value a third season?’

We will bring you updates on the future of Assassination Classroom as soon as more information is officially confirmed.

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