Apple’s iOS 14 launched on September 16th but one new feature has confused fans. What is the green and orange dot for on iOS 14?

It’s always an exciting time when a new iOS update is released for iPhones as fans can’t wait to test out all the new features.

In 2020, iOS 14 is set to give the iPhone’s software its biggest shakeup in years as it adds an array of features both large and small.

One of the smallest new additions to arrive with iOS 14 is a tiny green or orange dot that appears in the top corner of the screen.

But just what do the green and orange dots mean and why have they been added with iOS 14?

iOS 14 is here

After it was first announced in June, iOS 14 was finally launched globally on September 16th, 2020.

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The newest iteration of Apple’s operating system introduces the biggest shakeup to the iPhone’s software in years.

The biggest new addition to iOS is the ability to set up widgets on the home screen so you can get information from an app without having to actually open the app itself but beyond that, there are a host of new features that fans are noticing.

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What do the green and orange dots on iOS 14 mean?

  • The green and orange dots on iOS 14 are a new security feature that Apple has added.

Fans using iOS 14 for the first time are noticing a pair of small dots that appear in the top corner of the screen.

Th green dot is to show that the iPhone’s camera is in use.

And by extension, there is also an orange dot that appears which shows that the phone’s microphone is in use.

While this may seem like a strange addition, it’s actually a new security feature that Apple has implemented to show the iPhone’s user if an app is using the camera or microphone without their knowledge.

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Fans react to the green and orange dots

It’s safe to say that the new security feature has caused a bit of confusion among some users but once they’ve discovered why the dots are there, they’ve been impressed.

One iPhone user on Twitter wrote: “Does anyone know what that green dot is on top of the signal in the new iOS 14 update???”

While another added: “I don’t know too!!! Before updating it to IOS 14 there’s nothing like that, but after I updated it I noticed that there’s that green dot appearing whenever I open my cameras. Kinda scared to take a photo now bec of that.”

While this satisfied fan, who knows what the feature is for, wrote: “In iOS 14 whenever an app is using the camera it shows a green dot in the notifications, and when it uses the microphone it shows a yellow dot. NEAT.”

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