The Fort Myers radio station, 93X, is on the move leaving many listeners asking ‘what happened to 93.7 The Rock radio station?’

Election year in the US is always a crazy time as politicians on both sides do all they can to win over voters.

And with the 2020 election being regarded as one of the most crucial in recent memory, both the Republicans and Democrats are pulling out all the stops.

One of the most bizarre campaign strategies to emerge so far has been seen in Fort Myers in Florida where a local radio station became the subject of an unexpected change.

That radio station was 93X The Rock Alternative, on 93.7, but just what happened to the radio station?

Will Francis on Unsplash

What happened to 93.7 The Rock Alternative radio station?

On September 16th, 2020, the Fort Myers radio station, 93X The Rock Alternative disappeared from the airwaves.

That’s because the station has been unexpectedly changed and given a new identity.

According to Radio Insight, the station on 93.7 in Fort Myers will now become Trump Country.

The station, which features an unconvincing Donald Trump sound-a-like as host, will air country music as its name suggests.

Will The Rock Alternative be back?

A tweet from the 93X FM account confirmed that the station will ‘be back on another channel soon.’

Although when and where the new channel will appear is yet to be confirmed.

Radio fans react to new station

It’s safe to say that 93X being replaced by Trump Country has proven to be a divisive move.

One listener on Twitter took a composed approach and wrote: “So the alternative rock station here in Fort Myers disappeared today, and it’s now 93.7 Trump Country. All country music, which is fine but the commercials are all his ads and an impersonator doing intros to songs etc”

While a more aggrieved listener added: “Be sure not to listen. I guess it could be ironic but this ain’t the time.”

And finally, this Trump supporter commented: “#FortMyers#Florida radio station 93.7 is no longer theRock station 93X, it is now Trump Country 93.7!! I love my Rock music, but I think I just found my new go-to Country station!”