Raised by Wolves arrived on HBO Max on September 3rd but when is episode 8 released and how many episodes are there in total?

The popularity of online streaming has exploded in recent years.

With the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ all attracting millions of users, it’s no wonder that more and more streaming services have been emerging as competitors.

HBO Max is one recent addition to the ever-growing list of streaming platforms out there and after launching in May, its first major TV drama has finally arrived in the form of Raised by Wolves.

As of September 17th, only seven episodes of the sci-fi drama have been released, leaving many fans asking when episode 8 of Raised by Wolves will be heading to HBO Max.

Raised by Wolves on HBO Max

Raised by Wolves, created by Aaron Guzikowski and produced by Ridley Scott, made its debut on HBO Max on September 3rd, 2020.

The series, which is the first major original drama to arrive on HBO Max, tells the story of two androids, named Mother and Father, who are tasked with raising a group of human children after the destruction of Earth in a devastating war.

However, the emerging colony is faced with the threat of being torn apart from within as differing beliefs cause a rift between the survivors.


When is episode 8 released?

  • Raised by Wolves episode 8, titled Mass, is expected to arrive on HBO Max on September 24th, 2020.

After episodes 1-3 released on September 3rd, new episodes are following suit each Thursday with new instalments going live at 12:01am PT.

According to Decider, it’s unconfirmed if episode 9 will release alongside episode 8 on September 24th.


How many episodes in total?

There are a total of 10 episodes in Raised by Wolves’ first season.

From September 3rd, episodes are to release each week on Thursdays.

The 10-episode season is supposedly due to finish on October 1st according to Decider, which would suggest that episode 9 will release alongside episode 8 on September 24th.

The first seven episodes of Raised by Wolves are available to stream now on HBO Max in the US with more episodes heading our way weekly.

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