In a surprise move, it has been announced that MC Championship will be held twice in September, and the teams for MC Championship 10 have already been confirmed.

A special Minecraft tournament, MC Championship has been wracking up tens of thousands of views of Twitch, with audiences tuning in to cheer their favourite players on through a series of inventive minigames.

While the MC Championship is usually a monthly event, things are a little different this time around. MC9 wrapped up on September 12, but the next event, MC10, is scheduled for September 26.

Every MC Championship team in MC10

In the upcoming MC Championship 10, the teams are as follows:

In addition to these eight teams, MC Championship 10 will also feature two teams (Purple Pandas and Pink Parrots) which will be made up of viewers who win a special competition.

How to apply to compete in MC Championship 10

To apply for a spot on the viewer teams in MC Championship, you need to submit an application, along with a video showing your team, to the competition’s specially created Google Doc.

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Bear in mind that you must apply as a team, alongside three other players, rather than individually. Only one application is required per team. You’ll also need to meet a few other criteria, such as having a decently capable PC, owning a copy of Minecraft: Java Edition, and, of course, being available to actually play on September 26.

Should you meet these criteria, there’s a chance that you and three friends could end up battling it out as one of the teams in MC Championship 10.

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