Some people on social media have been confused about whether Zoom’s Janine Pelosi and Nancy Pelosi are related.

More and more people prefer getting their news from online sites over mainstream media and traditional publishing outlets.

And despite the efforts of many social media channels to stop the spread of fake news, some online users tend to get involved in the spread of misinformation.

In the case of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, some people have been baffled whether she is related to Zoom’s Janine Pelosi.

Read on as we debunk the speculations.

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Are Janine Pelosi and Nancy Pelosi related?

No, Janine Pelosi and Nancy Pelosi are not related.

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The US House Speaker has four daughters and a son with her husband Paul Pelosi, a businessman and investor who owns and operates Financial Leasing Services.

Their children are called Nancy Corinne, Christine, Jacqueline, Alexandra, and Paul, as reported by The Washington Post.

Nancy and Paul have nine grandchildren.

The confusion that Janine and Nancy are related appears to have started since the two share the same surname.

Who is Janine Pelosi?

Janine is Zoom’s chief marketing officer. She lives in San Jose, California, according to her Facebook.

Janie studied BS in Marketing at San Jose University, as per her LinkedIn profile.

Prior to her role at Zoom, she had around 15 years of experience in digital marketing, advertising, social media and public relations.

Janine previously worked for Webex and Cisco where she held positions such as an advertising specialist and marketing manager.

She joined Zoom as head of marketing in 2015 and was promoted to CMO in March 2019.

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Is Janine on social media?

Yes, Janine is on social media and she has a strong online presence.

She keeps it professional on her Twitter profile as she shares mostly about her public appearances and news about Zoom. You can find her @Janine_Pelosi.

Janine is also on Instagram under the handle @janine_pelosi but her profile is private at the time of publication.

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