iOS 14 was launched for iPhone users on September 16th and has made a raft of new changes but just how can fans use the new Back Tap screenshot function?

It’s always a hugely exciting time for iPhone users when Apple launches the latest version of its iOS software.

Just like with a brand new iPhone, fans are desperate to try out all the new features available to them.

In the latest software update, iOS 14, Apple’s operating system is getting its biggest shakeup since 2013’s iOS 7 and there are a whole new raft of features for fans to delve into.

Surprisingly though, one of the most popular aspects of iOS 14 is the unexpected revamp of one of the iPhone’s most basic functions, screenshotting.

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iOS 14 is here

After it was first announced in June, iOS 14 was finally launched globally on September 16th, 2020.

The newest iteration of Apple’s operating system introduces the biggest shakeup to the iPhone’s software in years.

The biggest new addition to iOS is the ability to set up widgets on the home screen so you can get information from an app without having to actually open the app itself.

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How to set up Back Tap screenshot

One of the most exciting changes added in iOS 14 is the ability to add a Back Tap function and the most popular use for that function seems to be a new way of taking screenshots.

While previously, taking a screenshot would involve pressing the lock button and the home button (or volume button depending on model) the new Back Tap feature means you can take a screenshot by simply tapping the back of your phone.

However, the new Back Tap function isn’t set to screenshot by default so to set it up, you’ll have to delve into your phone’s settings.

It’s a simple process, though, and can be done by following the guide below:

  • Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Back Tap > set double tap to screenshot

Fans react to new screenshot feature

It’s safe to say that the new way of taking a screenshot in iOS 14 has been a popular new addition for fans who have taken to social media to heap praise on the new feature.

One fan on Twitter wrote: “the way you can take a screenshot by double tapping on the back of your iphone is mind blowing bc it wasn’t there before ios 14”

While another added: “the only cool thing abt ios 14 is the back tap thing i can finally screenshot lives without having to accidentally lock my screen”

But, as ever, there were plenty of Android users reminded Apple fans that their phones could do this first: “Android did that like 2/3 years ago at least.”

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