Donald Trump has made another verbal mistake, and the internet has descended into a world of memes.

This certainly isn’t the first time the US President has made a fool of himself on national television, nor will it be the last. Trump has a tendency to mix up his words, and make himself sound like a bit of an idiot.

There was the time where he accidentally said ‘Thighland’ instead of ‘Thailand’. And when he tried to show off his impressive memory with that bizarre ‘person, woman, camera, man, TV’ phrase.

And now he’s back with another mistake – what is the herd mentality meme?

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Donald Trump’s ‘herd mentality’ blunder

Donald Trump has gone viral once again as he’s made yet another public mistake that has sent the world into hysterics.

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Whilst completing an interview for ABC News in Pennsylvania on Tuesday (September 15th), the President once again began speaking about Covid-19 and his opinions on distributing a vaccine.

However, he made a mistake that certainly didn’t go unnoticed. The president said:

“You’ll develop a herd mentality. It’s going to be herd developed and that’s what’s going to happen.”

Obviously meaning to say ‘herd immunity’, the President messed up and instead said ‘herd mentality’ – and no one is going to let him forget it.

What is the difference between ‘herd mentality’ and ‘herd immunity’?

The President’s mistake isn’t really funny unless you actually know the difference between ‘herd immunity’ and ‘herd mentality’. Whilst they may sound pretty similar, they actually have totally different definitions.

‘Herd immunity’, the phrase that Trump was supposed to say, refers to limiting the spread of contagious diseases, such as Covid-19, by ensuring that a high proportion of the population are immune to the disease.

On the other hand, ‘herd mentality’, the phrase Trump actually said, is the tendency for people’s behaviour and beliefs to conform to a group that they belong in.

Now you know the difference between the two phrases – bring on the memes!

It’s turned into a viral meme

As soon as Donald Trump does anything remotely funny (which is pretty often), it instantly gets turned into an internet meme.

Social media users have been roasting Donald Trump for his lack of knowledge on the difference between ‘herd immunity’ and ‘herd mentality’, and the jokes aren’t stopping any time soon.

Most of the memes involve animals, and herds, and people belonging to herds, and are actually pretty hilarious – here are some of the best.

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