After months of teasing her fans, Brooklyn McKnight has finally revealed who her boyfriend is.

YouTuber Brooklyn McKnight has finally gone Instagram official with her boyfriend Brooks.

Brooklyn, who has nearly 7 million followers on YouTube with her twin sister Bailey, took a trip to Utah to film a special series for their channel where she went out on a date with ten guys for ten days.

So, let’s meet Brooklyn’s boyfriend Brooks on Instagram and find more about him.

Screenshot – Brooklyn’s BOYFRIEND Reveal! | 10 Dates in 10 Days

Who is Brooklyn McKnight’s boyfriend?

Brooklyn’s boyfriend is called Brooks.

The two finally went Instagram official after Brooklyn teased her followers for a few months about her love life.

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Brooklyn did the YouTube series ’10 Dates in 10 Days’ in which she dated ten different guys over a period of ten days. However, Brooklyn previously stated that she did a few dates in one day due to her busy schedule.

Brooks was Brooklyn’s fifth date as part of the series and the two immediately fell for each other after they met.

In her latest YouTube video called ‘Brooklyn’s BOYFRIEND Reveal’, Brooklyn said that she and Brooks have been dating for over a month now but the two had to keep their relationship under tight wraps so they don’t spoil the surprise for Brooklyn’s followers.

Taking to Instagram, Brooklyn shared an adorable snap with Brooks, and wrote: “I guess you guys know now.”

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Who is Brooks?

Brooks in 21 years old and studies a Finance major at Brigham Young University in Utah.

According to his Facebook profile, he is from Murrieta, California and played football in high school.

Brooks was actually a replacement for one of Brooks’ dates after the original one was cancelled due to Covid-19.

In the description box of her YouTube video, Brooklyn shared how she ended up meeting Brooks.

“When the original date canceled due to covid, Betsy and Kaitlyn were SCRAMBLING to find a replacement with only days notice. Kaitlyn remembered a cute family she had taken family photos for 3 years ago, and that they had a son who seemed super nice and really handsome,” Brooklyn wrote.

“He had since returned from a 2-year LDS mission to Madagascar, and finished his first year at BYU. When she reached out to him via DM about filling in on this date, he finally remembered who she was, listened to the dating series idea, and said YES!”

Is Brooks on Instagram?

Yes, he is!

Brooks is on Instagram under the handle @brookshurst, however, his profile is private at the time of writing.

Brooklyn lives a life in the social media spotlight and Brooks might want to stay away from that for now.

But since they have officially revealed their relationship, many of Brooklyn’s fans hope to see more of them on social media.

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