Rocket League is joining the Epic Games store where it’ll boast cross platform multiplayer as well as cross-progression. However, when it joins the Epic Games store it will also become free to play. The developers have provided an in-depth post about what you can expect when it becomes playable for the cost of nothing, and here you’ll discover when Rocket League is becoming free to play.

In addition to becoming playable for the cost of nothing, developer Psyonix have also confirmed that Rocket League players on PS4 and Switch will not require PS Plus and Nintendo Online. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Xbox One users.

If you’ve always been fascinated with cars playing football but have never wanted to pay for the experience, below you’ll discover when the game is going free to play.

When is Rocket League free to play?

Rocket League will become free to play on September 23rd.

In addition to becoming free to play, Rocket League will also join the Epic Games store on the same day.

Although it will be delisted from Steam, the game’s official blog post from back in July confirms that there will be cross platform multiplayer with Steam as well as cross-progression.

Anyone who has already purchased Rocket League on any system will still be able to enjoy the game with full support for future updates, but the game will no longer be listed on Steam to download for free.

Rocket League Legacy Status

If you’ve already purchased Rocket League, you will be rewarded with the Legacy Status when it becomes to free to play.

This Legacy Status for prior Rocket League owners includes the following:

  • All Rocket League-branded DLC released before free to play
  • “Est.20XX” title that displays the first year you played Rocket League
  • 200+ Common items upgraded to “Legacy” quality
  • Golden Cosmos Boost
  • Dieci-Oro Wheels
  • Huntress Player Banner

As well as all of the above, if you played Rocket League online before July 2020, you will additionally be rewarded with the Faded Cosmos Boost.

When Rocket League becomes free to play and joins the Epic Games store, there will also be new competitive seasons starting with Season 1. Check out the PlayStation Blog for more information.