Wayne Lineker has uploaded a new Instagram post that’s had some pretty mixed reactions. The nightlife empire owner is looking for a new girlfriend, and he has a LOT of specific criteria.

With a measly 15,000 likes, Wayne Lineker uploaded an Instagram caption that has caused quite a stir. Many people scrolled past and didn’t like it at all, whilst others found it totally hilarious.

The post in question told fans that Wayne Lineker is looking for a new girlfriend, and there is a very long list of criteria she must fill. The whole thing was meant as a joke, with hashtag #banter clearly written at the end of the post.

But many people are still opposed to the post, considering it arrogant and rude. What do you think?

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Wayne Linkeker posts a controversial Instagram caption

Wayne Lineker went viral on on Instagram yesterday (September 16th) after he posted a hilarious caption onto one of his photos.

The media personality and younger brother of football professional Gary Lineker posted a selfie at his popular Ocean Beach Club in Ibiza and told his followers that his family have decided he needs a girlfriend.

He then proceeds to outline his criteria for a girlfriend, which is very specific, and totally hilarious!

What is Wayne Lineker’s girlfriend criteria?

So Wayne Lineker is taking girlfriend applications, but his criteria is VERY specific. Here’s it is:

  • Must have a strong, nice, loving personality.
  • Must like older men but only Wayne Lineker.
  • Must be a worldie.
  • Must be aged above 30 (28 and 29 could work, but definitely not the same age as Wayne).
  • Must love to travel.
  • Must love to fly business class.
  • Must love to stay in incredible hotels.
  • Must be prepared to give up your career or job or at least be able to work from a laptop on a tropical beach somewhere.
  • Must be willing to spend the summer in Ibiza and winter in Dubai with 2 weeks in the UK for Christmas and New Year.
  • Must love holidays to the Maldives.
  • Must have no baggage (children).
  • A dog is acceptable but it will need a passport.
  • Must be able to cook (as Wayne loves cooking too, especially Waitrose ready meals).
  • You don’t need to be verified (Wayne can sort that).
  • Must love house music and R&B (no heavy rock or pop).
  • Must like Netflix (especially money heist and real crime, no chick flicks).
  • Must be confident enough to go to the front of the queue in nightclubs and accept a table and free drinks from the owners.
  • Must have a driving license to share a Bentley and a Lamborghini Jeep
  • Must have never shared a teeth whitening post.
  • Shouldn’t be on any dating sites (including OnlyFans).
  • Must love the gym, health food and have body definition.
  • Must accept and love Wayne’s children and grandchildren and realise Wayne won’t be having any more kids.
  • Must be able to let Wayne’s PA Dave Hodges to book all your flights and purchase items online for you.
  • Must accept all of Wayne’s friends (even Tony Truman).
  • Must accept that Wayne has to reply to girls’ DM’s.
  • Must have good geography (because girls that think Lincoln is in Wales are not good).
  • Must be intelligent, outgoing and not boring.

Think you’re the ideal candidate? Drop him a DM!

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Wayne’s post has had mixed reactions

Wayne Lineker’s girlfriend post has had some very mixed reactions, and many people are posting their opinions of it onto Twitter.

Some people have found it absolutely hilarious, understanding that the post was of course meant to be a joke, and taking the criteria with a pinch of salt. But others aren’t quite so enthusiastic, finding the post strange, inappropriate and even misogynistic.

One Twitter user said: “Wayne Lineker asking for a girlfriend on Instagram is weird behaviour.”

“58 year old Wayne Lineker is advertising for a girlfriend on his Instagram. Can we please stop 2020, I want to get off,” said another.

But despite the backlash, Wayne has had some comments of his support form his friends. The likes of Calum Best, Scott Timlin from Geordie Shore and Too Hot To Handle’s Chloe Veitch all joined in with the joke, commenting laughing face emoji’s in their dozens.

Wayne Lineker deletes the post

Less than 24 hours after posting the controversial Instagram caption, Wayne Lineker has now deleted the whole post. Whilst it was clearly intended to be a joke, the post gained a lot of backlash on social media over its insensitivity, leading to its deletion.

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