A number of Counting On viewers are convinced that Justin Duggar is courting someone following the show’s latest episode.

Following the cancellation of 19 Kids and Counting, TLC released the spinoff series Counting On.

The show follows the Duggar family members, their spouses and children as they juggle through ups and downs and family responsibilities.

Following a preview of Counting On’s next episode, some viewers have speculated that Justin Duggar’ might be in a courtship with someone.

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Who is Justin Duggar?

Justin Duggar is Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Ruark’s son. He is the fourteenth out of the couple’s 19 children.

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He was born on November 15th in 2002.

One of his first appearances was on 14 Children and Pregnant Again! which aired on Discovery Health Channel.

He went on to appear in several other special programs, 17 Kids and Counting and most recently he has been one of the regular cast members on Counting On.

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Some fans think that Justin is courting someone

A number of viewers at home have speculated that Justin is courting someone after the show’s latest episode.

According to FlickPrime, the rumours first appeared in January this year and next week’s preview episode has further fuelled the speculations that Justin might be in a courtship.

In the preview, Justin appeared on a video chat and revealed that he has “huge news” to tell his family.

“I actually do have some news for the family,” Justin said to which his family responded: “What?”

Next week’s episode is called ‘A Quarantine Courtship’ and many fans have been convinced that Justin might make a huge announcement about his love life.

Fans react on Reddit and Twitter

Many fans have taken to Reddit to speculate and share their thoughts on Justin’s rumoured courtship.

One viewer said on Reddit: “This is kind of freaky because Justin Duggar is only a couple of days older than me. I’m just starting university, I could never imagine starting to settle down at this age.”

“He wasn’t even on my radar because he’s SEVENTEEN!! I thought that any one of the few older boys had a high chance,” another Reddit user reacted.

Meanwhile, someone else said on Twitter: “If Justin Duggar is courting, which is dating to get married within a short time frame, he’s only 17…wayyyyyy too young! I’m sure there are exceptions I’m sure but if your age has “teen” in it….it’s not the best idea to get married imo!”