It may be back but is Tosh.0 cancelled? Let’s take a moment to explore the fate of the popular Comedy Central series and where it’s at now.

Many of us have had to find ways to cope with a difficult year and keep our chins up.

Comfort has been found in confiding in friends and family, while taking up more cooking, reading, exercise and so forth has also proven a big help.

However, when it comes to fending off sadness, they always say that laughter is the best medicine.

Film and TV offered many the perfect antidote to the lockdown blues, presenting us with endless possibilities of escapism from the comfort of our sofas. Indeed, laughter is still very much essential in these strange times and we all have certain titles we turn to when we’re in need.

For fans of the 45-year-old American comedian Daniel Tosh, the long-running Tosh.0 has always been reliable for laughs.

It arrived on Comedy Central way back in 2009 and continues to air to this day. But, for how long?

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Is Tosh.0 cancelled?

  • Yes, Tosh.0 has been cancelled. Despite the announcement that it had been renewed for four more seasons back in January, the decision has now been reversed.

The Hollywood Reporter highlights that Tosh.0 will end on season 12, which began airing on Tuesday, September 15th 2020.

The same source includes that the cancellation has been confirmed under ViacomCBS Entertainment & Youth Group president Chris McCarthy. Essentially, the network’s new strategy will centre on three areas, which are adult animation, topical series and comedic made-for-TV feature films.

Similarly, Comedy Central’s Drunk History has been cancelled.

As for Tosh.0, Looper notes that there is some good news, and it’s that the series will fortunately still surpass the 300-episode mark, which is a triumphant achievement despite the cancellation.

What does Daniel Tosh think?

You didn’t think he’d see Tosh.0 cancelled without cracking a joke, did you?

Of course, that’s exactly what he did!

The Hollywood Reporter addresses that, upon the news, Daniel had the following to say:

“I look forward to doing an animated reboot of my show on MTV in 25 years.”

A joke like that makes the news just that more bittersweet.

However, the previous source does add that sources suggest ViacomCBS is working with Team Tosh to shop the series to other outlets.

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Fans react to the news

As you’d expect, the fans are absolutely gutted about the cancellation and have flocked to Twitter to offer their thoughts.

Check out a selection of tweets:

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