It is no secret that when a new song makes its way onto TikTok, it becomes featured in practically everyone’s videos.

However, it isn’t just new songs which gain popularity on TikTok, as many users find a way to remix and remake older classics, to fit with the younger vibe of the app.

The newest hit to make it onto TikTok is “Put your records on” originally by Corinne Bailey Rae, though it has been covered by another artist on the video sharing app.

Fans everywhere are wanting to know who sung the original, and where they can listen to the new cover.


#duet with @juliakmoch YOU SNAPPPPPEDDDDD

♬ Put Your Records On – Ritt Momney

Who sings the Girl put your records on TikTok cover?

The song “Put your records on” is a 2000’s smash hit by English singer songwriter, Corinne Bailey Rae. The song featured on her self titled album, and was nominated for two Grammys.

The song has recently gained popularity on TikTok, as a cover of the song has been used for a new make up challenge.

The singer of the TikTok cover of the song “Put your records on” is by a TikTok user who goes by the name “Ritt Momney.”

The song begins slow before a chilled out beat kicks in, and the song picks up. You can listen to the song on YouTube here.


10 seconds vs 2 hours makeup ✨

♬ Put Your Records On – Ritt Momney

What is the “Put your records on” Challenge?

The challenge, otherwise known as the “10 seconds vs 2 hours of makeup” Challenge, is set to the Ritt Momney cover.

In the challenge, the TikTokker is seen quickly applying make up to their face in ten seconds. They then close their make up palette and the video cuts to their make up after two hours, which often is incredible!

The videos under the song on TikTok have millions of views due to the brilliant artistry and the complicated make up looks users have created.


10sec vs 3 hours – thankyall so so much for all the love and for recreating my video 🥺❤️ #RaiseYourGame #MakeupRoutine #fyp

♬ Put Your Records On – Ritt Momney

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