Despite WWE 2K21 being cancelled, wrestling fanatics still have a game to anticipate this year thanks to WWE 2K Battlegrounds. This is a cartoonish and over-the-top game in which you control miniature versions of your favourite superstars, but does it include crossplay and cross platform multiplayer between PS4, Xbox One, and PC?

With the vibe of its combat being similar to All Stars, WWE 2K Battlegrounds promises to be a fun experience thanks to its over-the-top portrayal of wrestling moves such as superkicks. However, there’s also extreme manoeuvres not found in wrestling such as tossing your opponent into the gaping mouth of an alligator.

While the combat, gameplay, and aesthetics all seem to be fun, some people are wondering whether its multiplayer is crossplay between consoles and PC.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds multiplayer

There is online and offline multiplayer for WWE 2K Battlegrounds.

The WWE 2K Battlegrounds multiplayer will allow you to compete against other players in three modes: Exhibition, King of the Battleground, and Tournaments.

Exhibition is just your standard mode where you compete against up to four players, meanwhile King of the Battleground is a last-man standing mode. Four players will start in the ring while four more will wait outside to enter, and your goal is to run the gauntlet and defeat everyone (via The SmackDown Hotel).

Only up to four players can be competed against simultaneously in one ring, but the multiplayer can be fought online as well as local.

The local multiplayer is restricted to four people, whereas the online extends to eight.

2K Games

Does WWE 2K Battlegrounds support cross platform multiplayer?

Cross platform multiplayer and crossplay is listed for WWE 2K Battlegrounds.

Over on the Microsoft and Steam stores, cross platform multiplayer and crossplay can be found for WWE 2K Battlegrounds which is a first for the wrestling universe of games.

It’s confirmed that the ability to play with mates on other systems is extended to Google Stadia, but there’s no listing on either the PSN store or Nintendo eShop to confirm its existence for PS4 and Switch.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds launches on September 18th.

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