Is Julie and the Phantoms your new favourite new show? Have you dreamt about being part of the musical ghost-power crew? Take this quiz and to find out which Julie and The Phantoms character you are!

Netflix released their latest addictive series, Julie and The Phantoms, on September 10th, and we’re already hooked. Julie and The Phantoms tells the story of high schooler Julie who meets a 90s band from beyond the grave.

Screencap via YouTube

As the name would suggest they join forces to create a mega band: Julie and The Phantoms. Trouble ensues as we watch the characters attempt to come to terms with death in their own ways.

The series is produced by Kenny Ortega aka the man who made our childhoods magical with High School Musical.

Screencap via YouTube

With stand out characters in Julie and The Phantoms, including Kenny Ortega’s first openly gay character, the cast really makes the show.

Take this quiz to find out which Julie and the Phantoms character you are.

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