The upcoming BTS mobile game, Universe Story, will be available in just a few weeks, but what is the game and what date will the game release?

BTS are arguably the biggest boyband in the world right now, so it’s no surprise that the K-pop group are expanding their franchise into the mobile video game market.

The group released their first game last year called BTS Universe, where players acted at their manager, but this year’s title takes a rather different approach.

Here, we breakdown what exactly the game is, when it releases and what modes you can expect to play.

What is BTS Universe Story?

  • BTS Universe Story is an upcoming interactive mobile game developed by Netmarble where players’ choices affect the entire plot.

The trailer, whilst slightly confusing, looks incredible. Not only do we see mysterious white cats, fights sequences and emotionally-charged scenes, but they are all presented within this unique mixture of animation and live-action.

However, the game will ultimately be focused around player choice and customisation, with every decision that players make affecting the story and how the characters interact with each other.

BTS Universe Story: Release date

At the time of writing, BTS Universe Story will be released on mobile devices on Thursday, September 24th, 2020.

Pre-registering for exclusive rewards…

Players can pre-register for BTS Universe Story via the game’s official website, link here.

Pre-registering for the mobile game allows the players to choose an exclusive outfit that will be made available to them when the game releases.

Modes available at launch…

According to Screen Rant, there will be three main modes in BTS Universe Story; Story Creation, Story Playthrough and Collection.

Story Creation is exactly what it sounds like, players are given the tools needed to create their own plotlines for the characters.

Story Playthrough has a set base storyline to the game, but players can choose between a variety of different customisation options to make the story their own.

Collection mode will have players collect various clothing items and accessories to customise their characters to the max.

We are expecting more information on BTS Universe Story to be released over the next two weeks in the lead up to the game’s releases, so keep checking back in for updates.

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