TikTok users are being inundated with videos of UFO sightings today, and it’s safe to say they’re getting pretty freaked out about it.

As you scroll through your For You Page it’s usually filled with the same types of videos. A few dance challenges, some cooking hacks, some crazy pranks, comedic sketches. You know the drill.

So when something new pops up on your feed, it’s pretty noticeable and really can’t be missed. For many TikTok users, that’s exactly what’s been happening, as a new type of video has appeared.

But it’s not just any old type of video, these are UFO sightings – and LOTS of them! It’s been happening to loads of people, and it’s really bizarre.

UFO videos flood TikTok

Many TikTok users have been noticing something really strange about their TikTok account today (September 15th).

When scrolling down their ‘For You Page’, lots of people are being shown videos of UFO sightings. This isn’t uncommon on the social media app, as lots of people often take to TikTok to post videos about space, aliens, and conspiracy theories.

But it isn’t just one video that people are seeing, it’s 5, 10 or even 15 UFO sighting videos all being shown without even refreshing the page. Freaky right?

People are taking to Twitter to discuss the bizarre videos

Lots of people have been taking to Twitter to discuss the weird videos, and it seems that it’s happening to everyone.

One Twitter user said: “Anyone else just see like 15 UFO sightings on TikTok?”

“Why is my entire fyp on TikTok ufo sightings from last night,” said another.

Another social media user tweeted: “It’s safe to say everyone is pretty confused. “Ummm… My TikTok (and apparently tons of others) For You Page is infested with UFO videos from all over the nation. From CA to CO to TX. A bunch of creepy videos no one can explain.”

It’s safe to say everyone is really confused, and pretty freaked out. We need answers!

This is the most common UFO video

There’s one particular UFO Sighting video that is appearing on EVERYONE’S For You Page.

It comes from Twitter user !elvin_jku14, and despite only being posted onto the social media app yesterday (September 14th), it’s already had 1.3 million views and 179,000 likes.

The video shows a man filming what looks like a UFO flying in the sky. Is the video actually real? Who knows. But the number of UFO videos appearing on TikTok is certainly odd.

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