Overwatch has just released the first issue of their new comic book series and in-game challenge event all about Tracer and the London underground!

World-building and detailed lore within video games may not be for everyone, but almost every gamer loves new content, especially when it’s free.

Well, Overwatch has just hit combined both of those things by releasing a brand-new comic book series and a new challenge event that rewards players with in-game comic-themed items.

Tracer comic series…

The first issue of the new Overwatch comic book series, called ‘Tracer- London Calling’ has just been released.

Game Director Jeff Kaplan announced yesterday, September 14th, that they have teamed up with Dark Horse Comics, artist Babs Starr and award-winning writer Mariko Tamaki to produce the new series.

Tracer- London Calling has our protagonist “interacting with the Omnics of the London Underground” and is the first issue in a series of five, with each new addition being released monthly.

You can read the first issue for free by following the link here.

How to complete the Tracer Comic Challenge…

  • According to Kaplan, all you need to do to complete the Tracer Comic Challenge is to earn nine wins in Overwatch.

The Tracer Comic Book Challenge will officially begin in-game today, September 15th, and offers players a chance to win new items.

“You will get to play and earn rewards. So, we have an awesome epic skin that’s the culmination of rewards that you can get.” – Jeff Kaplan, via YouTube.

Comic Tracer skin…

Not only do we get a brand-new Tracer comic book story, but we also get a new epic skin for her.

According to Kaplan, the character designer used the real artwork from the comic book and will therefore have actual panels from the London Calling issue on her leggings.

There is also an individual player spray and icon available through the challenge.

Sprays and voice lines…

Overwatch has also partnered with multiple Overwatch streamers and will be running a ‘drop’ system for in-game items.

What this means is that by watching certain partnered streamers, you can earn in-game Overwatch items including new sprays and voice lines.

According to Kaplan, there is a special easter egg where if you use these new sprays whilst playing as Tracer, she will read those individual lines out.