Spelunky 2 comes with the opportunity for multiplayer gameplay, including local co-op, and, new for the sequel, an online mode for playing across the internet.

The original Spelunky is one of the most beloved indie games of all time, giving a new lease of life to the classic roguelite genre. The hotly sequel anticipated sequel expands on the original game, providing players with plenty of new features.

These include flamethrowers, rideable turkeys, and, of course, the opportunity to play online with friends.


Does Spelunky 2 have online multiplayer?

Spelunky 2 has almost every combination of multiplayer you could want – the game has both online and splitscreen local play for up to four players. There’s both the option for “Adventure” (co-op mode) and “Arena” (competitive mode) play, depending on your preference.

However, there are some limitations. Spelunky 2 does not have crossplay between the game’s PC and PlayStation 4 versions, so you’ll need to make sure all your friends are playing on the same type of system.

You also can’t mix and match between local and online modes, so, for example, you can’t have two friends playing Spelunky 2 in splitscreen mode, while also playing with two more friends online at the same time.


How to connect to multiplayer

To play Spelunky 2 in local multiplayer, simply start a normal game and select either the Adventure or Arena mode – Adventure is for co-op play, Arena is competitive.

To play online, select “Online” from the main menu. From there, either press Square to host an online game, or Triangle to search for a game that is hosted by a friend.

Before long, you and up to four friends will be happily playing Spelunky 2 in multiplayer mode.

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