After a one-month break, Pokimane has returned to Twitch, but some members of the VTuber community have not reacted well to her new digital look.

In early-August, popular Twitch streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys announced she would be taking a break from content creation.

However, on her return this week, the streamer has faced intense criticism from the VTuber community for her new computer-generated look.

Pokimane returns as a VTuber?

Pokimane returned to Twitch this week, but instead of using her normal camera set up in her most recent livestream, appeared as a computer-generated character.

Using a digital avatar, rather than a traditional facecam, is commonplace amongst the VTuber community, where a person’s likeness is depicted in a style similar to anime characters.

According to CCN, the idea is to “create videos and stream without the explicit need to show one’s face on camera”, which is especially important if a streamer either wishes to remain anonymous or is uncomfortable appearing in person.

Twitter reacts to VTuber Pokimane…

  • There has been a decidedly mixed reaction to Pokimane’s digital appearance in her comeback livestream.

Whilst you would imagine that most people in the VTuber community would have welcomed a streamer with such a platform as Pokimane using digital avatars, many have accused her of trying to “cash in” on a trend.

Fans have also been sharing a clip from Pokimane’s now infamous ‘ItsAGundam’ video, where she says: “It is extremely hard to take this person seriously that is dressed up as VR person, not showing their faces.”

There are also claims that Pokimane is attempting to use the recent launch of Hololive English version, an agency of VTubers with over 2.6 million subscribers, to gain more followers.

However, there were also lots of people welcoming the Twitch streamer to the genre, stating Pokimane has every right to whatever appearance she so chooses to use in her own livestreams.

Pokimane addressed these criticisms herself on September 13th on Twitter, saying: “I understand where you’re coming from, and you’re absolutely entitled to that opinion. In my opinion, this is sort of the future, and I think it’s so cool and a great alternative for anyone that doesn’t want to use a camera for whatever reason.

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