Paris Hilton has just released her new documentary, and it reveals her true self behind the barbie girl facade – but fans are really shocked by her ‘real voice’.

Celebrity personality Paris Hilton has become one of the biggest fashion icons in history, as the businesswoman, model, singer, actress, and DJ created a certain image of herself which is recognised across the globe.

That image is simply ‘girly’ – she’s known as the dumb blonde American socialite who has inherited a lot of wealth, and that’s pretty much all everyone thinks she is.

But in 2020, she’s fighting against that stereotype, revealing her true self behind the “character” she’s been playing for years, and she’s even revealed her ‘real voice’!

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Paris Hilton’s ‘real voice’ revealed in live TV interview

Socialite Paris Hilton has long been known for her very specific characteristics. Long blonde hair, barbie doll persona and baby voice – that’s Paris down to a tee. Or so we thought.

On Monday (September 15th), Paris appeared on the Australian breakfast news programme Sunrise to discuss her new documentary This Is Paris.

But something seemed very different about the media personality – her voice! Rather than speaking in her usual high-pitched baby voice, she spoke in a much deeper tone, revealing what many deem to be her real voice.

Paris admits she was always “playing a character”

In the interview, Paris Hilton fights back at the stereotype that she is “dumb, blonde and filthy rich” and argues that she wants to show her real life in the new documentary.

She said:

“This entire time I have been playing a character and the world has never really truly known who I am. The real me is actually someone who is brilliant and I’m not a dumb blonde, I’m just really good at pretending to be one.”

Paris Hilton’s new documentary This is Paris premiered on YouTube on Monday, September 14th and is available to watch for free here.

Fans react to Paris Hilton’s ‘real voice’

After the interview aired on television, fans instantly took to social media to react to her new voice. It’s safe to say everyone was pretty shocked, as her ‘real voice’ was totally unexpected.

One Twitter user said: “Omg did i just hear Paris Hilton’s real voice??????”

“So Paris Hilton FAKED her voice?? I’m shook but I just heard her real voice and it’s really nice,” said another.

Paris got a whole lot of support on social media after showing her true self, as one fan said: “@ParisHilton Major respect for sharing your story. So good to hear your real self (and voice).”

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