The Marvel’s Avengers game is now out, and it has sold less than a third of Spider-Man’s physical copies in the United Kingdom at launch. This obviously sounds disappointing, but it’s not an overly true representation of the game’s sales figures as it doesn’t include digital. Plenty of people are playing the game for better and worse, and – those who are sticking with the endgame – want to know how to get exotic gear. Here you’ll discover everything that has been shared, along with how to unlock Elite Heroic Hive missions.

While Marvel’s Avengers has a fantastic campaign, the meat of the game is truly the multiplayer. Not only that, but Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics will support the game for many years post-launch with DLC characters and $10 battle passes. And, according to leaks, we can expect the likes of the bewitching She-Hulk and Black Panther.

The addition of more playable characters is exciting, but – in the meantime – you can only play as Kamala Khan and her back-up of movie stars. And here you’ll discover how to get exotic gear for them, as well as how to unlock Elite Heroic Hive missions.

Marvel’s Avengers: Launch Trailer

Marvel’s Avengers: Launch Trailer

How to unlock Elite Heroic Hive missions in Marvel’s Avengers

You unlock Elite Heroic Hive missions in the Marvel’s Avengers game by completing The Last Avenger Standing mission chain.

Normal Hive Missions are unlocked after you beat the campaign, meanwhile you must complete the above to get Elite challenges in Marvel’s Avengers.

And this is no easy task by any stretch of the imagination, meaning only the most dedicated will be up to the challenge.

In order to get The Last Avenger Standing missions tab, you must complete every HARM Room challenge for each character, and you must also complete every Iconic Mission and all of the faction mission chains.

You essentially need to complete almost everything the multiplayer has to offer to unlock step nine of the Avengers Initiative which will then unlock Elite Heroic Hive missions.

Watch the tutorial below from DPJ for a visual guidance on how to unlock Elite Heroic Hive challenges.

How to get exotic gear in the Avengers game

You get exotic gear in the Marvel’s Avengers game by boasting power levels of 130 or higher.

This is because the exotic gear found so far has boasted power levels of 130, meaning you must meet this requirement in order to get the endgame content in the Avengers game.

Provided you somehow are that powerful already, you won’t be able to farm the red and supremely powerful items as they are rare.

However, some people have reported getting them from Elite Heroic Hive missions, so this is probably your best bet.

You could also possibly get them from Warzone missions, but exotic gear is – again – rare and thus hard to pick up.

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