Days of Our Lives fans are no strangers to bidding farewell to characters but is Ciara Brady really leaving Days of Our Lives?

Throughout its 55-year history, Days of Our Lives has welcomed an endless amount of characters and has bid farewell to its fair share in turn.

The year 2020 seems to be a bumper year for Days departures as characters and actors have been leaving the show left and right with the Covid-19 pandemic being partially blamed.

One character who fans will likely be seeing a lot less of is Ciara Brady after a dramatic explosion left fans and her fellow characters fearing the worst.

But is Ciara Brady or her actress, Victoria Konefal, leaving Days of Our Lives for good?

Ciara Brady in Days of Our Lives

Ciara Brady is a character who was first introduced to Days of Our Lives in 2007.

In the 13 years since, she’s been played by a total of five actresses, with 23-year-old Victoria Konefal currently holding the role.

Ciara was at the heart of Days of Our Lives’ storyline in July 2020 as she and Ben Weston tied the knot.


Is Ciara leaving Days of Our Lives?

  • Ciara’s fate on Days of Our Lives is unknown at the time of writing.

After Ciara is apparently killed in a car explosion, there is no sign of her after that besides some pieces of jewellery which are found near the scene.

The discarded jewellery has given fans and fellow characters hope that Ciara survived the explosion but her fate is very much up in the air.

In September 14th’s episode, Ben can be seen dreaming about Ciara but we’re yet to see if she really survived the explosion.


Ciara may not be quitting but Victoria Konefal is!

While Ciara may well be seen again, she looks set for a much smaller role in future.

That’s because Ciara actress Victoria Konefal is leaving Days of Our Lives as a full-time cast member.

Speaking to Deadline in July, when the news of her departure was announced, Victoria Konefal said: “I would love the opportunity to continue working with my castmates in the future, but at this time I will not be returning as a full-time cast member.”

Konefal’s statement suggests that she could well return to Days as a guest star on occasion.

However, if the character was to return on a more permanent basis, Ciara may need to be recast as Victoria Konefal looks to establish a name for herself in the wider film and TV world.

Days of Our Lives continues each weekday on NBC.

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