Des arrived on ITV on September 14th and fans have been left with a burning question about its star, does David Tennant smoke?

Thanks to the delays caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve been starved of new drama on ITV as the channel has mostly shown repeats since April.

However, as September is now in full swing, ITV is bringing viewers one of the most captivating and disconcerting TV dramas of the year.

Des, which tells the grisly tale of the serial killer Dennis Nilsen, arrived on ITV on September 14th.

David Tennant takes on the titular role and after episode 1, viewers have been left with a pressing question about the Scottish actor, does David Tennant smoke?

Des on ITV

Des arrived on ITV on September 14th, 2020.

The three-episode series, shown on consecutive nights, tells the grim story of Dennis Nilsen, a notorious serial killer who was found guilty of murdering six people and the attempted murder of two more, although the total number of murder victims is thought to be twice that amount.

We follow DCI Peter Jay as Dennis Nilsen is arrested and evidence is gathered into his sordid deeds before the long process of a trial begins which is complicated by Nilsen’s association with biographer Brian Masters.


Dennis Nilsen’s meeting with Brian Masters

The final scene in Des’s opening episode sees Nilsen’s first meeting with biographer Brian Masters and it is arguably the most chilling scene of the opening episode as Des clearly senses an opportunity to have his story told.

It’s an alarmingly tense affair as Nilsen, who has politely co-operated with police so far, shows off a much sterner side to his personality and is very cold towards Masters.

The only thing that breaks the ice between them is the mutual habit of smoking.

Naturally, the scene has got fans wondering if David Tennant smokes in real life as well.


Does David Tennant smoke?

Yes, David Tennant reportedly does smoke on occasion according to Taddlr.

That fact is rather ironic given that David Tennant’s first-ever acting role came in an anti-smoking PSA film by the Glasgow Health Board which, if you’re curious, can be found here.

In Des, however, it’s unclear whether or not we see David Tennant and co-star Jason Watkins making use of real tobacco cigarettes or safer on-screen alternatives such as e-cigarettes or herbal cigarettes.

Either way, Des continues on ITV on September 15th before concluding on September 16th while the first episode is available to stream now on ITV Hub.

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