Among Us came out a couple of years ago, but it has only recently become extremely popular this year. It has become the best game for people to watch over on Twitch, and – regardless of which gaming celebrity you follow – you’ve most probably seen them playing with fellow elites. This means that all us normies have been hopping aboard the bandwagon as well, but recently people have come into an issue with a 6 digit and letters code not working. Here you’ll discover how to fix the problem.

As previously mentioned, Among Us has become extremely popular over the past few weeks with it having recently earned 1.5 million concurrent players. The game is essentially The Thing in space, and it’s easy to see why everyone is enjoying the online survival game all about trust, deceit, and dramatic betrayals.

But, if you’ve recently come up against errors, below you’ll discover how to fix the problem with codes of 6 digits and letters not working.

Among Us 6 digit and letters code not working

You simply need to update Among Us to fix the issue with codes of 6 digits and letters not working.

InnerSloth recently updated Among Us with 6 digit and letter codes, and updating the game should fix the problem.

The issue stems from people not being able to input the required amount of characters for a private session with mates.

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Codes were recently comprised of only four digits and letters, but now the number has been upped to six to supposedly allow for more rooms without duplicating already existing codes.

This change comes courtesy of the September update 2020.9.9. Make sure your game is recently updated via the iOS, Google Play, or Steam store and the problem should be resolved.

However, if an update is not available, you may have to be patient for it to roll out for you.

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