Michelle Lewin has revealed that her husband Jimmy Lewin has been taken to a hospital.

Michelle and Jimmy Lewin’s fans have been devastated after learning that Jimmy has been hospitalised.

Michelle took to Instagram to address Jimmy’s “critical condition” and ask her followers for their prayers.

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Who are Jimmy and Michelle Lewin?

Michelle and Jimmy are fitness models and bodybuilders.

Michelle was born in Venezuela, while Jimmy comes from Sweden. The couple met in Venezuela and they are one of the best-known fitness couples on social media.

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Both of them enjoy a large follower count on Instagram. Jimmy has 750k followers on his profile, while Michelle has 13.6 million fans.

Michelle has a YouTube channel where she has gained nearly 350k subscribers since she launched it in 2011.

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Why is Jimmy Lewin in hospital?

In a social media post, Michelle revealed that Jimmy was currently in “critical condition” following acute liver failure.

The fitness model shared a lengthy Instagram post in Spanish, followed by an English translation.

Michelle wrote:

“I will be away from social media for a while, to accompany my loving husband JIMMY LEWIN, who is in critical condition with acute liver failure.

“I ask you from my heart to pray for his health, so that his strength and will to live help him recover and move forward. I also pray to God that the doctors make the right decisions and that we can soon get out of this difficult situation.”

In her most recent post, Michelle shared an update on Jimmy’s condition. She said that Jimmy continues to fight and asked her followers to keep praying.

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Fans and celebs share messages

Michelle and Jimmy’s fans have sent messages full of love and support to the fitness couple.

Fellow celebrities have also sent their prayers for Jimmy’s speedy recovery.

Singer and songwriter Emma Hewitt said: “Sending all of my love, prayers and positive thoughts to you guys through this time. Jimmy has the strongest will of anyone out there. I’m praying so much for his fast recovery and that you will be back home together as you belong very soon.”

Brazilian model Larissa Reis wrote: “Oh no girl I will be praying for him. be strong.”