Among Us is one of the most popular games right now as it has just reached 1.5 million concurrent players. This has put a lot of heavy load onto the game’s servers, but the increase in players doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. There are plenty of newcomers coming, and almost everyone of them asks: does Among Us have crossplay? Here you’ll discover how to play cross platform multiplayer on PC and mobile.

With a premise that is basically The Thing but in space, Among Us is an online survival game all about deceit. You can play in sessions comprising of between four and ten pals, and it’s up to the crew to fix the ship while one alien shapeshifter attempts to wreak havoc.

If you’ve only just found about the game and are wanting to hop aboard the bandwagon, below you’ll find out whether it has crossplay. You’ll also discover how to play cross platform multiplayer between mobile and PC.

Does Among Us have crossplay?

Yes, Among Us does have crossplay.

Among Us does have crossplay between PC and mobile which is fantastic news for newcomers.

It means you can play with your friends regardless of how many of them are on computer while you’re on an iPhone or Android. Same with vice versa.

You can play with people on other systems just by playing public matches, or you can specifically play with your mates by joining a private session.

Among Us: How to play cross platform multiplayer on PC and mobile

All you need to do to play cross platform multiplayer in Among Us on PC and mobile is select Online and then Private.

Then, once you’ve selected Private, all you need to do is enter the room code to play cross platform multiplayer on PC and mobile with your mates in Among Us.

As host, you’d send the room code to your mates, but as host you can also change a bunch of settings beforehand.

Meanwhile, if you don’t care who you play with, you can just select Online and then Public.

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