Cuties has received backlash on social media and many fans wonder about the actresses’ ages – so how old are the girls from the Netflix movie?

If you’ve been on any social media channels in the past few weeks, you’ll have come across the backlash about the Netflix film, Cuties, from many viewers.

Netflix was in hot water as a result of its marketing of Cuties and the hashtag #cancelnetflix made it to the top of Twitter’s trending list in the US and the UK last week.

The film has received an unprecedented reaction on social media for the way it portrays its main characters, a group of 11-year-old school girls.

How old are the actresses in real life?


Cuties: Cast members

  • Fathia Youssouf
  • Medina El Aidi-Azouni
  • Esther Gohourou
  • Ilanah Cami-Goursolas

Fathia Youssouf – Age

Fathia is 14 years old, the actress has written on her official Instagram page.

According to her IMDB profile, this is her breakout role as Fathia doesn’t have any other credits listed.

The actress was selected as one of 650 kids who auditioned for the same role which is pretty impressive for Fathia’s age.

Fathia plays 11-year-old Amy in Cuties, a girl originally from Senegal who lives in Paris with her single mother and two brothers.

Cuties | Official Trailer | Netflix

Cuties | Official Trailer | Netflix

Medina El Aidi-Azouni – Age

Medina, who plays Angelica in the Netflix movie, is reportedly the youngest cast member.

She is reportedly at the age of 12 and that makes her the youngest from the other four girls.

Similar to her co-star Fathia, this is Medina’s debut appearance in a major movie like this and she hasn’t appeared on the small or big screen before, according to her IMDB page.

According to the Hollywood Reporter (via Republic World), Medina is a French actor born and raised in Paris.

Esther Gohourou – Age

Esther is 14 years old, according to Celebs in Depth. The publication notes that her Instagram profile, like those of Medina and Ilanah, are private.

She plays Coumba in the Netflix movie, one of the girls in the dance group that Fathia’s character Amy joins.

Coumba is one of the “cool girls” which Amy looks up to and starts dressing like.


Ilanah Cami-Goursolas – Age

Ilanah, who plays Jess in the Netflix film, is reportedly at the age of 14.

Similar to Medina and Esther, Ilanah’s Instagram profile is also private.

On her account, Ilanah writes that she is a dancer and actor. She has 11 posts and just over 8,500 followers at the time of publication.

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