Brandon Awadis’ latest YouTube video has left many of his fans confused. Some have questioned if he and Sommer are dating!

Since the first social media influencer rose to fame, there have always been devoted fans who follow every bit of their lives, from relationships to their professional projects.

For instance, the personal life of YouTuber Brandon Awadis has been in the social media spotlight following his split from Jackie Figueroa.

And now, many of his fans wonder if he has found love again after he shared a YouTube video with fellow influencer Sommer Ray.

Screenshot – DATING Sommer Ray for 24 Hours!!

Who is Sommer Ray?

Sommer is a fitness model and online influencer. She rose to fame with her Vine profile before moving to YouTube and other social media channels.

She has amassed a fan base of 25.4 million followers on Instagram.

Sommer launched her YouTube channel in 2017 and currently has 1.84 million subscribers.

She shares vlogs, short workouts and makes collabs with other YouTube stars.

Sommer’s latest collab on Brandon’s YouTube channel has left many fans wondering if the two are an item in real life.

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Are Brandon and Sommer dating?

Probably not. Brandon and Sommer haven’t officially confirmed that they are a couple.

The reason that fans are interested to know if the two are dating is Brandon’s latest YouTube video called ‘DATING Sommer Ray for 24 Hours!!’.

As the title suggests, Brandon and Sommer spent a whole day together. They played games, took cheesy pictures together and did yoga. Brandon also introduced Sommer to his mother – a pretty huge step for a first date.

They also looked at some of Brandon’s old videos in which Brandon revealed that Sommer has been his celebrity crush for some time.

Twitter reactions

It’s safe to say that Brandon’s video has left many of his followers wondering if he and Sommer are together. Some said they will be happy if the two start dating.

One fan reacted under Brandon’s YouTube video: “Seeing Brandon blush around her the whole time is the cutest thing ever.”

Another fan on Twitter wrote: “I feel like your guys personality really come together nicely! And do I dare say a perfect match! Maybe something is in the works.”

Check out more reactions down below.

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