Olga Kholodnaya is attracting attention on Twitter at the moment, so let’s take a moment to spotlight the violinist, exploring her career and beyond.

This year, many have fallen back in love with music.

Over the course of the lockdown period, many of us found ourselves with more time on our hands and in need of escape from the mundane everyday.

Music provided the perfect gateway; it always has, it’s just that it’s arguably never been so helpful.

Over recent months, the opportunity has arisen to take a trip down memory lane and re-explore some of the albums that helped shape your singular tastes.

However, discovery is always crucial when it comes music.

At the moment, some have had their attention drawn to a musician named Olga Kholodnaya, courtesy of speculation over on Twitter.

So, who is she?

still from “OLGA SHOW – Prelude”, Olga Show, YouTube

Who is Olga Kholodnaya?

  • Olga Kholodnaya is a Russian violinist and musical multi-talent based in Berlin, Germany. She is associated with the group Olga Show.

As highlighted by Zelo Street, she is believed to be in her thirties and is part of the group Olga Show along with Marino Colina, a drummer who also plays synthesiser.

Bringing her talents to the streets of Berlin, the source highlights some of her favourite street spots as the Kurfürstendamm and Friedrichstrasse.

Zelo Street also notes that she gained significant attention back in 2015, in the wake of the attack on Paris’ Bataclan theatre. Days after she played outside while many flocked to lay flowers at the site:

AP Archive notes that she said while being interviewed:

“… I wanted to play for the people inside … When we came to Paris, because we play in the Metro (Orchestra), I was looking for places where we can play… so I was looking for theatres, and I saw Bataclan and I said ‘Wow, it is such an amazing place, I really want to play here’. And so we were thinking that we are going to play on until we have enough possibility to make a concert here.”

Two years later she played the Berlin Philharmonic and continues to expand her fanbase.

Follow Olga Show on Instagram

If you’re keen to check out her music then you’ll be pleased to know that you can listen to and follow Olga Show on Spotify; they currently have 73 monthly listeners.

Similarly, you can show support over on Instagram at @olgashowofficial; they have 540 subscribers.

Back in June, they posted a throwback of them playing, along with the caption: “The last concert before the lockdown… I hope that we can continue giving concerts very soon! Live music is so important. It is amazing and can not be compared! I want to thank the incredible bass player Raoul Walton for joining us and being such a cool person and musician! Peace and love to everybody and hope to see you all on stage, street or festivals very soon.”

Their most recent album – Missing Universe of Mendelssohn and Bach – was released back in March and is available to stream on Spotify.

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