The 1987 cult classic movie Robocop has been followed by numerous sequels, spin offs, a TV series and a reboot. Now, it’s set for a prequel series, but without Robocop. Umm… how is that even possible?

Robocop is a household name and has been ever since Paul Verhoeven took Hollywood by storm with the 1987 original movie. He’s a popular figure among movie fans and has found success through various mediums including video games and comic books.

He even battled The Terminator in Frank Miller’s 1992 comic book series that was published by Dark Horse Comics, Robocop versus Terminator. The series also saw a video game of the same name enter popular culture shortly after.

Audiences are used to seeing the titanium steel cyborg patrol the streets of a futuristic Detroit but now they will have to make do without him as the prequel series will focus on a different aspect of the near future.

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Why is Robocop Not In The Prequel Series?

Omni Consumer Products were responsible for the creation of Robocop as well as ED-209, an enforcement droid that was championed by Jones in the original movie.

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Ed Neumeier, who wrote the script for 1987’s Robocop spoke to website Moviehole recently about writing the prequel series and said: “I’m working with MGM on it. It has all the cool stuff about Robocop except no Robocop”.

He also told Moviehole that he saw the series as a way to explore stories about business, tech, cops and corporations and described it as a “wonderful, rich tapestry”.

Neumeier also admitted in the interview that the show had not received a green light as of yet but he was hoping to get the series up and running if the right team of people can be convinced.

Where should I get started with Robocop?

If you’ve never entered the world of near future Detroit, then the only place to start is with Verhoeven’s 1987 original, Robocop.

It’s a glorious satire about big corporations and consumerist culture that is as smart as it is entertaining. It features Verhoeven’s trademark gory, tongue in cheek style and some exceptional performances from Peter Weller (Robocop/Alex Murphy), Kurtwood Smith (Clarence Boddicker) and Ronnie Cox (Dick Jones).

Empire Magazine even ranked it at number 20 in a feature of The 50 Greatest Sci Fi Movies.

The sequels, Robocop 2 (1990) and Robocop 3 (1993) are different in both tone and style, with the third instalment declining somewhat in quality. Both are fun and entertaining nonetheless.

There’s various spin off content too, with a 1994 TV series following Robocop and his department being aimed at a family friendly audience.

Still from Robocop (2014), MGM

Joel Kinnaman stepped into the boots of Alex Murphy and eventually Robocop in 2014 in a reboot of the franchise that features a stellar cast with the likes of Gary Oldman, Samuel L Jackson and Michael Keaton all getting onboard. Again, the film steered away from its roots but posed some interesting takes on the original movie’s ideas.

The Hollywood Reporter wrote in 2019 that a new movie, Robocop Returns was in the works that would act as a direct sequel to the original film with director Abe Forsythe at the helm.

There seems to be plenty of new Robocop content coming our way so watch this space!

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