The Lightning in a Bottle Challenge has taken TikTok by storm with nearly everyone hopping on the trend. The kissing prank has gone viral and it is only for the brave-hearted.

This prank recently erupted and thousands of people have used the hashtags #electriclovechallenge and #ligthninginabottlechallenge to share their romance efforts with the rest of TikTok.

TikTok is all about hilarious pranks and challenges, but this one is a lot more risky – read on to find out more.

What is the Lightning in a Bottle Challenge?

  • The Lightning in a Bottle Challenge is a trend where people attempt to lean in and kiss their best friend; the result as to whether they are kissed back or friend-zoned is what makes the challenge so interesting.

The challenge is done to the song Electric Love by Børns and the song has got even more popular thanks to TikTok. Many people have shown their rejections however other best friends seem to have become a match made in TikTok heaven.

Other people have done the TikTok with their significant other and randomly kissed them, leaving single people requesting users on twitter to take part in the challenge with them. Most comments on the challenges are applauding the courage it takes to kiss a friend out of the blue.

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Others are hoping they will hear the song being played by someone they fancy and the challenge will happen to them.

The TikTok kissing prank in action

  • Here are some of the cutest and most hilarious TikToks of the challenge, whether they failed or not it was worth a try.

tried kissing my best friend, this is how it turned out #foryou #bestfriend #alt #boyfriend #SummerDIY #CloudBread #joke

♬ electric love – okhun

Some TikTokers haven’t been so successful in the challenge, and have ended up friend-zoned, at least it has made for hilarious content.

One things for sure, this challenge is a great way to confess your love for your best friend.

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