Who is PPCocaine and why is she calling herself the “filth queen” of TikTok? Born Lilliane Diomi, the 19-year-old American rapper/ singer is taking TikTok by storm with song lyrics so filthy they could make WAP blush. The app is PPCocaine’s world, and we’re just living it.

PPCocaine used to go by the name ‘Trap Bunnie Bubbles’ and can only be described as the Alt version of Megan Thee Stallion. Her songs feature some seriously X-rated lyrics, which contrast against her cartoon-like singing voice.

With an audience of 3 million TikTok followers, PPCocaine creates viral hit after hit, with Charli D’Amelio, Addison Rae, and everyone in between filming dance videos to her songs. However, the 15-60 seconds that end up being used tend to contain the cleanest lyrics.

Often sporting her trademark hot pink wig, PPCocaine dresses exactly how you’d imagine someone who dominates TikTok to dress: in neon and crop tops.

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Even if you don’t know who PPCocaine is, you’ve probably still heard her songs, or more accurately, a few lines from each.

PPCocaine’s TikTok lyrics are fire

DDLG – “For you, Imma let you hit it for free”

You might recognise this one from the viral TikToks in which people use the green screen feature to show which celebrities they’d “let hit it for free” – or in more PG words, who they find attractive.

Three Musketeers – “Tell shorty ‘come here’, I’m tryna blow her back out, walking funny for the year”

This one may be PPCocaine’s most recognisable song from the app with huge creators like Charli Damelio making dance videos to it, but you probably haven’t noticed how explicit the lyrics really are when it’s masked with the cartoon voice.

This song was also dubbed a “lesbian anthem” by TikTok.

PJ – “Hold on, b*tch, did you hear what the F I said? Shake some a*s, h*e”

Another of PPCoaine’s iconic TikTok audios that has people, well, shaking a body part. This audio is a fan favourite that you need to recreate with a friend (or unsuspecting family member).

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