Fans of Piggy don’t have to wait long before ‘Book 2’ arrives on the Roblox site, but what date and time will it be released?

Piggy was easily one of the biggest Roblox games of 2020 and it’s getting a sequel.

It’s been three months since the first instalment of Piggy concluded and the trailer for the new series, titled Book 2, premiered to a fantastic reception on YouTube.

However, excited fans are now left wondering when the new game will be released and what they can expect from the storyline.

Piggy Book 2: Release date…

  • Piggy: Book 2 is expected to be released on Roblox on Saturday, September 12th, 2020.

The news that the sequel to Piggy would be arriving this month was revealed by creator of Piggy ‘MiniToon’ on August 22nd via Twitter.

Piggy Book 2: Release time

According to the Roblox Piggy Fandom page, book 2 will release at 2 PM MST.

If this time is correct, then the sequel game will be available from the following times:

  • Pacific Time: 1 PM
  • Central Time: 3 PM
  • Eastern Time: 4PM
  • British Summer Time: 9 PM

Piggy Book 2: Plot…

  • Unfortunately, details on the storyline for Book 2 are fairly sparse right now, but it will most likely revolve around finding the cure.

Piggy chapter 12 ended on a cliff-hanger with George, Zizzy and Pony leaving with you to find a cure. So, it is pretty obvious that the plot will continue with this arc, but it is unclear if this is a direct continuation, i.e. has any period of time passed between the ending of Book 1 and the start of Book 2?

We will bring you updates as soon as more information is revealed by MiniToon.

Piggy Book 2: Skins…

  • At the time of writing, only the Wolf skin has been confirmed by MiniToon for Piggy: Book 2.

However, there are rumours that a Monkey and Grandpa Piggy skin will also be coming to the game.

We are also expecting all of the skins from the first game to also transfer over to Book 2.

Reaction to the trailer…

The reaction from fans to the new trailer for Piggy: Book 2 has been incredible, with the official YouTube video currently sitting at 1.8 million views in just 15 hours.

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