The Boys season 2 has hinted at the character of Liberty and now episode 4 has revealed that Stormfront is Liberty but is the reveal a red herring?

If we ever needed a look at a dysfunctional family, the Seven in The Boys are the perfect example.

Led by the perpetually unstable and insecure Homelander and run for profit by Vought International, the Seven have grown irreversibly arrogant and corrupt in the years they’ve been active.

In season 2, however, a new addition to the Seven, Stormfront, has certainly ruffled a few feathers and despite only just joining the team, is staking her claim to lead the Seven.

There have been plenty of questions about where the disruptive Stormfront came from and in episode 4 of season 2, fans got the reveal they’d been looking for as a character by the name of Valerie claimed that Stormfront is actually another hero, Liberty.

The Boys Season 2 – Official Trailer | Amazon Prime Video

The Boys Season 2 – Official Trailer | Amazon Prime Video

Liberty in The Boys

Liberty has been teased throughout the second season of The Boys after she was first referenced by Grace Mallory who suspects that Liberty has something to do with the mysterious Supe Terrorist.

All we’ve seen of Liberty so far are a few glimpses on old posters and a Budweiser advert.

That all changed in episode 4 when, in a flashback scene, we finally get our first glimpse of Liberty in action, although her face remains obscured.

Fans have been speculating that Liberty could well be an old identity of a current hero (or villain) and in episode 4, that theory looks to have been confirmed.

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Liberty is Stormfront!

According to the character of Valerie, who we meet in episode 4, she had a run-in with Liberty when she was just a child.

Liberty, who is shown to be overtly racist (just like Stormfront), ends up killing Valerie’s brother on a dark and rainy night and is still devastated by the incident now and is fearful that talking to Hughie, Annie and M.M. will lead to Liberty hunting her down.

Hughie states that Liberty was last seen in 1979 and that she’s probably dead but Valerie’s not buying it and is convinced that Stormfront, the latest arrival in the Seven, is actually Liberty.

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Opinion: A red herring?

After learning more about Liberty, the puzzled trio speculate about how Stormfront could be Liberty and suggest that Compound V could be a factor behind her not ageing.

However, the Stormfront reveal could easily be a red herring, with the truth being something slightly different.

It’s entirely possible that Stormfront is a copycat of Liberty, taking on similar traits as the old hero.

Or it could be possible that Stormfront is related to Liberty, and is her daughter, for example, and is working on reinstating Liberty’s legacy by taking her place in the Seven and trying to oust Homelander from the team.

Either way, we’ll almost certainly learn more as new episodes of The Boys season 2 arrive on Fridays on Amazon Prime Video.