Alexandra Zarini has come forward with allegations of sexual assault against members of her family on Thursday, September 10th.

Speaking with the New York Times, the great-granddaughter of Gucci fashion house founder Guccio Gucci also revealed she’s taking legal action.

But who is Zarini and what do we know about her? Here’s what has happened so far…

Alexandra Zarini – Statement on lawsuit – Alexandra Gucci Children’s Foundation / YouTube

Who is Alexandra Zarini?

  • Alexandra Zarini is the granddaughter of late fashion icon Aldo Gucci and the great-granddaughter of the brand’s founder.

She is 35 years old and is not on Instagram.

Her grandfather Aldo Gucci was the eldest son of founder Guccio Gucci. Aldo is credited with turning the company into an international success.

Zarini’s mother is Patricia Gucci, Aldo’s only daughter with his wife Bruna Palombo. Zarini’s own maiden name was Losio but she is now married.

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Not too much is known about Zarini’s personal life but MailOnline reports she became a mother when she had her first child four years ago.

She also said she is financially independent from her family and previously worked at an art gallery while speaking with The New York Times.

And despite not having the surname Gucci herself, Zarini has revealed that she plans to use it for her children’s foundation.

Speaking with the New York Times, she said: “The only thing I would use the name for is something good.”

What claims has she made?

Zarini has alleged that her stepfather, Ruffalo, abused her from the age of six years old until she was 22, as reported by PageSix.

Legal documents filed in California also claim that he would get into bed with Zarini and fondle her, according to the same publication.

She claims that the alleged abuse continued after she went to boarding school in the UK and moved back to the US.

While in a video shared to the Alexandra Gucci Children’s Foundation YouTube, Zarini revealed she used drugs to cope with the alleged trauma.

She said: “It took me many years to become more grounded in who I was… talking about what happened to me saved my life. A child who gets abused will have to live with this trauma their whole life.”

Zarini also claimed that her mother Patricia Gucci and grandmother Bruna Palombo knew about the alleged abuse but didn’t stop it, reports Page Six.

Have the family members responded?

Stepfather Ruffalo denies the allegations and Patricia Gucci says she only learned of the alleged abuse in 2007, reports MailOnline.

The publication also claims that after learning of the allegations made by her daughter, Patricia Gucci decided to divorce Ruffalo. 

Speaking in her YouTube statement Zarini added: “I am coming forward publicly today because as hard as it is for me, I feel it is my duty to expose the misconceptions about child sexual abuse”.

Zarini added that she wanted to “raise awareness that we as a society are failing to protest the most vulnerable and innocent among us, children.”

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