The first season of The Idhun Chronicles has just premiered on Netflix, but has the series been renewed for season 2 and when will it release?

From Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts and She-Ra to Castlevania and The Seven Deadly Sins, Netflix has some truly brilliant original animated series for you to enjoy.

The latest addition to that particular list is The Idhun Chronicles, the very first Spanish original anime series to be produced on the streaming platform.

The first season may have only just premiered in over 190 countries, but fans are already wondering when The Idhun Chronicles will return for season 2.

The Idhun Chronicles: Renewal status

  • The Idhun Chronicles is yet to be officially renewed by Netflix, but a second and third season of the animated series is highly likely.

The Idhun Chronicles animated series on Netflix is an adaptation of the hit book series, The Idhún’s Memories by Spanish author Laura Gallego, which sold over 750,000 copied worldwide.

The first season specifically is an adaptation of just one part of the first book in the trilogy called ‘The Resistance’. As the second and third books (‘Triad’ and ‘Pantheon’ in English) have already been published, a second season is almost guaranteed at this point.

In fact, we would argue that Netflix has likely already ordered several seasons and will steadily release more information on the second series in a few weeks – so keep checking back in for updates.

The Idhun Chronicles season 2 release date…

  • As season 2 of The Idhun Chronicles is yet to be officially confirmed by Netflix, a release date has yet to be announced.

Unfortunately, it’s quite tricky to predict when the second season will be produced. The first season was seemingly sprung out of nowhere, with Netflix revealing the season 1 trailer only a few weeks before the premiere.

However, the production timeline for animated shows like rely on two main factors; source material and time spent actually animating.

Thankfully, we already have another two books from the original series that are ready to be adapted into full seasons, so it won’t take long to write the script.

Plus, if we assume that season 2 will also have just 5 episodes, this cuts the production time down significantly in comparison to most other original Netflix animated series.

All-in-all, an optimistic prediction for season 2 of The Idhun Chronicles would be January 2021, but a more realistic expectation would be a March or April 2021 release.

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