Ellie Schnitt has announced that she has left Barstool Sports and that her Schnitt Talk podcast has ended but why did Ellie Schnitt leave Barstool?

In the world of TV, it’s never a nice time when one of your favourite presenters leaves a show or if that show itself comes to an end.

The exact same thing can be said for online series or podcasts and for fans of Barstool Sports’ Ellie Schnitt, the end of her time on Schnitt Talk has arrived.

The 24-year-old announced her departure from Barstool Sports on September 8th via the Schnitt Talk podcast and social media.

But just why has Ellie Schnitt left Barstool Sports?

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Ellie Schnitt announces departure from Barstool Sports

In an emotional final episode of the Schnitt Talk podcast, Ellie Schnitt announced that her time on the podcast and at Barstool Sports would be coming to an end on September 8th.

Ellie has been a prominent figure among Barstool’s lineup for the past two years but is now looking to the next chapter and challenge in her career.

In the final episode of Schnitt Talk, Ellie and co-host, Alanna Vizzoni, reminisced about some of their favourite moments on the podcast.

Why is Ellie Schnitt leaving Barstool?

  • Ellie Schnitt’s exact reason for leaving Barstool Sports has not been revealed.

In a farewell tweet posted on September 8th, Ellie announced that she was ready for a new challenge after two years at Barstool, clearly looking ahead to starting a new chapter in her career.

The departing Ellie thanked her co-workers for helping her to grow during her time at Barstool and, of course, the fans that tuned in to her weekly podcast, Schnitt Talk.

Fans react to Ellie’s departure

It’s safe to say that fans of Ellie Schnitt are understandably disappointed to see her time at Barstool come to an end but there is plenty of excitement about what the 24-year-old will do next.

One fan on Twitter wrote: “So excited to see u enter the next chapter of your career”

While another added: “we’re all excited for your new chapter! wherever you go whatever you do we hope it’s a good one and we’ll catch you on your next project.”

Meanwhile, a number of listeners have been speculating about Ellie’s reason for leaving, with a number of social media users suggesting that there may have been a falling out behind the scenes.

One Reddit user commented: “Listening right now, she won’t go into detail about her reason for leaving Barstool other than she wants to take her career in a different direction. I call b******* on that one.”

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