Call Of Duty Warzone should enter Season 6 on September 30th, but before then there’s a new intel mission for fans to complete. The Sins of the Father is one of the most difficult yet because it requires you to find and use keycards, and here you’ll discover how to complete all six tasks by knowing where to find all the Sins of the Father intel locations.

Warzone is currently in the midst of Season 5, and this is what opened the Verdansk Stadium for players to freely explore. Some of the locations for the Sins of the Father intel are inside the Verdansk stadium, and it’s here where you will need the keycards.

But, before worrying about any keycards, below you’ll find a step-by-step guide for each intel objective and where they require you to go.

Warzone Sins of the Father intel locations

The location of the first Sins of the Father intel in Call Of Duty Warzone is at the prison castle.

In order to find the first Sins of the Father intel, you need to travel to the top right side of the prison to find the pictured location.

This will reward you with 2,500 XP.

Intel 2

Mission 2 says that a CCTV near metro may have spotted something, and you need to be on the outside of the metro rather than the inside.

Near the metro entrance, you’ll see a camera on the outside of a building. You just need to approach it and collect the intel.

Intel 3

For mission three of six, you’re told that a shipment was moved from the metro.

The location for the third Sins of the Father intel is inside the Atlas Superstore.

You can find the piece where it’s marked on the screengrab down below, but know that it’s next to a teddy bear and mattress.

Intel 4

From mission four onwards, all of the pieces can be found by and inside the stadium.

The fourth Sins of the Father intel is found outside of the Verdansk Stadium in Warzone where it is inside one of the Atlas trucks.

Intel 5

Mission five is the hardest bit of intel to collect as you need an access code for suite 320.

You will need three keycards to get inside the suite, and – once you do get in – you need to collect the intel from each of the billboards.

Intel 6

The final Sins of the Father intel location is found inside the parking garage in the Verdansk stadium of Warzone.

But, in order to unlock the door where the final intel is hidden, you need the P2-16 keycard.

After you’ve obtained this keycard, you can then get inside the door and collect the intel from the computer.

To help you find keycards for missions 5 and 6, you can watch a helpful video from Mr Middi which shows every location of the 13 keycards available.

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