Cavetown, also known as Robin Skinner, has come under fire online after anti semitic tweets resurfaced, as well as posts including racial slurs.

The singer songwriter from London took to Twitter to post nine videos explaining his actions and apologising for his behaviour.

Cavetown went through each of his posts that fans criticised and explained why he know understands the offence they caused.

Cavetown apologises for anti semitism

Cavetown began the series of videos by discussing his anti semitic comments in the past, and talked through a series of posts he had made.

“For a bit of context this was in response to a creator I used to watch who used to make a lot of jokes about being Jewish because they were Jewish themselves, and I was responding to a selfie they posted. The fact that they made those jokes I took that as an invite that I could also make those jokes.”

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“I considered it an inside joke in the fan base which was wrong of me and instead I was just being anti semitic because I’m not Jewish and I don’t have the right to decide whether it’s okay for me to make a joke about a culture I am not part of.”

“I’m really sorry that I hurt the Jewish community by saying this.”

Cavetown apologises for using racial slurs

Cavetown began by showing his followers the post which caused controversy and gave some background about the post. He explained that his posts came following a video where a creator defended using the n word. Cavetown said:

“They were defending the use of the n word in contexts that aren’t hateful and I was weighing in saying that I agree, which I don’t agree with that anymore.”

Cavetown informed fans that he no longer believed it is okay to use the slur:

“I think that no matter the context saying the n word as a white person, it’s not your place to decide whether you’re allowed to say it.”

“I didn’t realise at that time that if you censored the word with an asterisk that you were still saying it, which now is obvious. It’s never happened again since then and it never will.”

“To the black community I want to say I’m really really sorry for the hurt that I’ve caused with this.”

Cavetown addresses using other slurs

“Finally I have another Tumblr post, another slur comes up in this.”

Cavetown then explained the slur he used in the post was a transphobic slur. He went on to tell fans that he is transgender, so has the right to use the word:

“I’m transgender, you may not have known that but I am so I do have the right to say that uncensored. I don’t like the word, I don’t want to say it ever again so I won’t, but I don’t have to apologise for saying the word.”

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