The Sims 4 Star Wars Journey to Batuu game pack is now available. EA had to respond to heavy criticism when the DLC was given a release date, and – now that it’s out – the reception has been middling. Still, although not everyone is in love with the far, far away galaxy addition, there are still plenty of people who have purchased it. And, to help you enjoy everything on offer freely, here you’ll discover some cheats for the Star Wars Journey to Batuu game pack in The Sims 4.

Now that the sci-fi game pack is out, the next expansion has reportedly been leaked as Murder at the Manor. This sounds like an exciting Cluedo-type of DLC, and it could be a lot of fun for detective sleuths who enjoy murder mysteries.

But, before the hypothetical next expansion is revealed or dismissed, below you’ll discover some cheats for The Sims 4 Star Wars Journey to Batuu.

The Sims 4 Star Wars Journey to Batuu cheats

The Sims 4 Star Wars Journey to Batuu cheats mostly need to be done in Batuu.

To enter the Star Wars cheats you need to first open the cheat console in The Sims 4 (CTRL+shift+C), and then enter testing cheats true.

Once you’ve done the above, you can then perform the following shortcuts:

Max Lightsaber dual skill

You can max your lightsaber dual skill level or simply change it from somewhere between one and nine.

Code: stats.set_skill_level Skill_Fitness 10

Unlock every clothing piece

Enter the cheat in Create A Sim or in the Dwelling in Batuu. It unlocks every clothing piece and outfit from the Star Wars Journey to Batuu game pack.

Code: cas.unlockbytag GP09

Unlimited money/Galactic credits

This Star Wars money cheat gives you as many Galactic Credits as you want. Simply change the number at the end of the code to however much you desire.

Code: bucks.update_bucks_by_amount 51201 500

Get free Batuu items

Following the cheat will give you the items listed below:

  • Jedi Holocron
  • 5 Kyber Crystals
  • Comlink
  • Sith Holocron
  • 30 Scrap Metal
  • Thermal Detonator
  • TD2.3 Electrobinoculars
  • 2 Fake ID Cards
  • Hondo’s Package
  • First Order Log Files
  • Information Fragment
  • 10 Dataspikes
  • First Order Uniform
  • DL-44 Blaster Pistol
  • Resistance Disguise
  • Dok-Ondar’s Lost Antiquities
  • 5 Lightsaber Hilts
  • F-11D Blaster Rifle
  • First Order Access Codes
  • Compiled Batuu Report

Cheat: Shift + click your Sim > Batuu cheats > give Batuu items

Change your Sims’ faction reputations

You can set your Reputation Level with the First Order, Resistance, and Scoundrels. However, as is normal in the game pack, your reputation with the Resistance will lower the more it increases with the First Order and vice versa.

Cheat: Shift + click your Sim > Batuu cheats > Batuu reputation

These cheats all come courtesy of Sims Online. Remember that you need to be in Batuu for the cheats to work aside from the clothing piece one which can be done in Create A Sim.