Levi Lusko and his wife Jennie Lusko pioneered the Fresh Life Church in 2007, and Levi remains the lead pastor there today.

The pair have one son called Lenox and four daughters called Alivia, Daisy, Clover, and Lenya, who passed away in 2012.

Lenya was five years old when she passed away as the result of an asthma attack, which Jennie described as “traumatic and so sudden.”

On September 8th 2020 Lenya would be celebrating her 13th birthday, and Jennie and Levi both shared tributes for their daughter online.

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Levi pays tribute to daughter Lenya

On September 8th 2020 Levi Lusko shared an Instagram tribute to his daughter Lenya, who would be turning 13 years old.

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Lenya passed away in 2012 at age five, and eight years later Levi has uploaded a message in her memory. He wrote:

“Lenya would be 13 today. Officially a teenager. There would be such drama in our home with two teens. And it would be such a beautifully messy treasure. In her absence there is a void and a longing and a melancholy. But in that emptiness there is grace and that is a beautiful messy treasure too. I wish I could be carefully planning the rite of passage to celebrate her leaving childhood and becoming a woman.”

“Instead the knowledge of who she now is in glory helps me leave behind the self-importance of who I think I am and return to the simplicity and wonder of being like a child. How much I miss you little Lenya. There is always room for you when we take family photos. How tall would you be now? What would the chemistry be like with you there in the mix … loving and laughing and playing? I wish I knew and one day I will. I love you sweet girl. Happy 13th birthday.”

Jennie Lusko remembers Lenya

Jennie, Lenya’s mother, also shared a tribute to their daughter on her own Instagram page, wishing her a “happy birthday.”

“With everything in me i wish she was here with us, and i wish we were throwing her 13th birthday party, and i wish i could see her now and know her now. in the midst of this extra achey-ness i’ve been feeling these past couple days, i just keep thinking about the joy she’s experiencing, and that she’s with Jesus, and that when we’re in heaven together, these days of achey-ness and pain will vanish. happy birthday beauty girl, until that day, i’m hugging you tight in my heart, asking Jesus to hug you for me and bless you like crazy today.”

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