Joe Biden has gone viral on social media following a teleprompter gaffe in a recent interview.

The Democratic Presidential candidate is trending after he spoke in a virtual AFL-CIO event.

However, his blunder during one part of the interview didn’t go unnoticed by viewers – and many were quick to share their reactions on social media.

Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images

Joe Biden: AFL-CIO event

The presidential campaign has continued in full force this past Labor weekend.

On Monday, September 7th, Joe Biden met with a group of former military service members and community leaders in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

He also traveled to Harrisburg to appear on a virtual AFL-CIO event as part of his campaign trail.

Joe Biden: Teleprompter gaffe

Virtual events come with their challenges and that was the case with Biden who had an unexpected blunder on camera when he was asked a question.

Rebecca Vedrine asked Biden: “As a black woman in America, who has worked with union jobs and non-union jobs, I know that there [are] 16 million Americans saying they would vote for a union today.

“And I would like to know, what will your administration do to help them give that chance?”

Seconds later, Biden could be heard saying “Move it up here” before he responded to Rebecca’s question. Many people believe he referred to a teleprompter.

Twitter reactions

It didn’t take too long for Twitter users to flood the social media app with comments after Biden’s blunder.

Check out some reactions down below.

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