The Marvel’s Avengers game has an unexpectedly good story, but the meat of the title is its multiplayer. This is what is intended to keep the game alive for many years after its launch, but the multiplayer is far from perfect. It’s admittedly tiresome, repetitive, and uninspired, but there are also matchmaking issues that make it almost impossible to find and join a session. If you are enjoying the game and still wish to play once the campaign has ended, below you’ll discover how to possibly fix the matchmaking issues.

Marvel’s Avengers will be supported for many years post-launch with DLC characters and $10 battle passes, and we can officially look forward to Kate Bishop and Hawkeye for free. Leaks suggest we can also anticipate Doctor Strange, Ant-Man, the bewitching She-Hulk, and Black Panther, so hopefully they’ll arrive also.

While the aforementioned characters would all be exciting additions, the game is simply not fun to play on your lonesome once the campaign has finished. However, those who want to play after the story are suffering from matchmaking issues, and below you’ll discover some ways for how to possibly fix them.

Marvel’s Avengers: Launch Trailer

Marvel’s Avengers: Launch Trailer

Marvel’s Avengers game multiplayer not working fix

One of the matchmaking issues which results in the multiplayer not working for the Marvel’s Avengers game is not finding another hero.

Rather than selecting campaign, to fix the multiplayer not working matchmaking issue for Marvel’s Avengers you will want to head to Avengers Initiative and select Quick Match.

We’ve been able to find sessions playing as the hero we enjoy the most (i.e. Black Widow), but – if you want to guarantee a session – you can select play as any character.

If this still doesn’t work, you can try changing your character from Thor, Hulk, Kamala, Iron Man etc. to see if anyone joins. The issue might be that someone is attempting to play as your hero.

The most amount of random heroes we’ve been able to successfully get in a single session is two, but nearly all of the time it’s simply been one.

Another issue with the matchmaking in the Marvel’s Avengers game is that a session can refuse to load. If this happens, there’s no known fix other than to close the application and start over.

You shouldn’t be encountering many issues if you have friends you can invite, but drops in frame rate have been a problem for everyone.

Crystal Dynamics have shared on Reddit that they are working on a patch to fix the matchmaking issues so hopefully all problems will be resolved soon.