Last night the name ‘Mark Rober’ took over people’s Twitter timelines and a wave of confusion ensued. If you were left baffled by Mark Rober being all up in your timeline then let us answer your biggest questions about the whole debacle.

Why was Mark Rober trending on Twitter?

Last night, it became an inside joke on Twitter for users to tweet the name with no context or relevance. ‘Mark Rober’ took the #1 trending spot on the app over the span of a few hours, with the tweet count reaching over 92k.

As always with the internet, memes followed and confusion wasn’t far behind.

One user tweeted, “why is my timeline just filled with Mark Rober who’s that”.

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Where did the trend come from?

Twitch streamer callmecarson was hosting an 8ball pool tournament on Twitch for $20,000 and was disappointed that Mark Rober couldn’t take part. In a comedic bid to gain his attention, they encouraged viewers to tweet ‘Mark Rober’ and get it trending.

Things quickly got out of control, the trend caught on, and people who had no idea about the tournament, or why Mark Rober was trending, began tweeting it too.

Who even is Mark Rober?

Mark Rober is an engineer-turned-YouTuber, who now has over 13m subscribers. Rober previously worked at NASA on the Curiosity rover, and also Apple as a product designer in their Special Products Group.

However, in a major career change, Rober now makes popular science videos on YouTuber, including this recent video in which he tested if sharks prefer human blood or fish blood, using himself as a live prop.