Blazing Sails Pirate Battle Royale was given an Early Access release date at Gamescom 2020, and its launch date is right around the corner. It will only be available on Steam, but lots of people are asking whether it is free to play. Here you’ll discover the price and release time for the upcoming Pirate Battle Royale experience.

Gamescom 2020 was the first time a lot of people had seen Blazing Sails Pirate Battle Royale, and comparisons were immediately made with Sea Of Thieves. While it’s true that they both have similar aesthetics and visual style, the upcoming Early Access title is a fierce PvP multiplayer experience which will see players duke it out on sea and land until only one ship is left standing.

It certainly looks fun and thrilling, but is it free to play? Below you’ll discover its price and release time for Steam.

Is Blazing Sails free to play?

Blazing Sails is not free to play.

The Pirate Battle Royale game, Blazing Sails, does not appear to be free to play as it’s mentioned on Steam that there will be a price.

No specific price is given, but it’s mentioned that the Early Access version of the game will cost less than the full release.

Although no specific fee is given on Steam, an FAQ on the game’s website does say that it will cost in the region of £17-26.

This could be in regard to the anticipated full release, so the Early Access could be cheaper.

The price will be revealed on Steam tomorrow when the game becomes available to buy and play.

What time does Blazing Sails come out?

There’s no official release time for when Blazing Sails will come out on Steam.

However, according to the Steam countdown timer, Blazing Sails will come out at the release time of 16:00 BST on September 9th.

If this turns out to be correct, then the game may also launch at the hours of 08:00 PT and 11:00 ET on the same day.

The above hours come from the Steam website saying that the game will launch in one day and eight hours as of 08:00 BST on September 8th.

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